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Reliable Window Cleaning is a family run business that grew out of our first business Reliable Cleaning Services. Over the years we observed an increasing demand from our customers asking us to expand our service with window cleaning. We pride ourselves on providing the best in class, fully insured window cleaning service in Bedford and nearby areas.

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Our domestic and commercial cleaning services

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Window Cleaning Services

We use state of the art Water Fed Pole system which is more effective than any traditional method. Using purified water we sterilise the doors, windows, frames and sills, removing all previously used chemicals. It leaves a protective layer over the glass which prevents dust to gather, as well prolongs the windows cleaning effect. After the procedure, the glass is left to dry naturally on air leaving no streaks and residue.

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Conservatory cleaning

By using Water Fed Poles and specialist cleaning products for cleaning conservatory, we are able to ensure an efficient and effective clean, without need to rest ladders on the actual conservatory itself and means we can reach those difficult to reach areas of the conservatory. We clean UPVC, frames, roof beams, decorative finials, downpipes, ledges and window glass and can restore any conservatory. Purified water, environmentally friendly detergents and products allows us to clean away green algae, mildew, dirt and any other staining that may be present.

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Fascias and soffits cleaning

We clean fascias, soffits, bargeboards and downpipes in Bedford area by using Water Fed Poles with special brushes and spraying UPVC cleaning solution(if necesery) at low pressure to remove dirt and grime. Cleaning solution is biodegradable and environmentally friendly, so will do no harm to your garden. It's the safest and most effective way to clean in our opinion and leaves refreshed appearance for a long time.

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Solar panels cleaning

Using dedicated "flocked" brush with "gooseneck" attachment on top of our Water Fed Poles system we are able to provide a safe and effective solar panels cleaning in Bedford area. Cleaning from the ground level allows us to skip using ladder or scafolding which could cause damage to your roof or guttering and keeps your cleaning costs down. Purified water doesn't leave any residue limiting amount of grime that will accumulate over time after solar panels cleaning. Cleaning solar panels could improve their efficiency and could be a great value for money.

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Gutters cleaning

As a part of regular property maintainance it's important to make sure that gutters are clear of blockages from accumulated debris(including leafs, moss and dirt). Ignoring the problem could have further consequences as escaping water could cause water damage, therefore it's recommended to clean guttering annually. We provide a gutter cleaning service in Bedford area using high powered and long reach vacuum that allows us to get to tricky spaces above conservatories and extensions, equiped with camera for full clarity of properly done job.

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