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Solar Panel Cleaning

Professional Solar Panel Cleaning Services with Purified Water. No ladders or scaffolding. Fully insured. Solar Panel Cleaning for home or commercial. Contact us now for a free quote on Solar Panel Cleaning Beford

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Bedford Solar Panel Cleaning Service

A clean solar panel is an efficient solar panel. Dirt, dust, and debris carried by the wind can settle on your solar panels and compromise their ability to convert light into energy.

Dust is usually not that big of a problem, as the wind and rain can clear a lot of it. However, airborne pollution, leaves, and bird droppings can have a significant impact on the performance of your solar panels, and a downpour does not always remove this type of debris.

The angle of the installation can also be a factor in keeping your solar panels clean. Flat panels will collect more debris than panels installed on a steep angle.

Keeping your solar panels clean will improve their efficiency, but it will also enhance your property's outward appearance.

Why You Should Use a Professional Bedford Solar Panel Cleaning Service?

Expensive solar panels must be cleaned in a way that will not cause any damage. Chemicals and harsh scrubbing may leave marks.

Our Bedford solar panel cleaning service uses a "flocked" brush with a "gooseneck" attachment to ensure a safe and effective cleaning service that will not harm your panels.

Water Fed poles allow us to forego ladders and scaffolding, which helps to significantly reduce the chance of damage to your property's guttering. It also means we can get the job completed faster and more efficiently than other Bedford solar panel cleaning services.

Purified water used during cleaning allows the solar panels to dry naturally without leaving any residue to compromise their efficiency.

If you are looking for a reliable, safe, and environmentally friendly Bedford solar panel cleaning service, get in touch with us today.